Should India Ban Trade with China – Argument

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Should India Ban Trade with China – Argument

Recently Chinese encroached INDIAN territory. 20 soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect Indian territory. So should INDIA stop all trade with China until all border issues are resolved? This has become a topic of debate in INDIA. So we will analyse both sides of the story i.e. FOR and AGAINST.


India should stop all trade with China until all border issues are resolved because/as:

  1. Blood shade and trade cannot flow together

    Recently 20 soldiers from Indian side has sacrificed their lives so we cannot trade on their dead body, INDIA cannot forget its soldiers’ bravery just for the trade, so blood shade and trade cannot flow together as an enemy is an enemy At All fronts.

  2. Its matter of Indian sovereignty and territorial integrity

    India cannot compromise its territorial integrity, we cannot cede an inch of land and we will take any step to protect our territorial integrity.

  3. It will weaken China’s economy

    It will have a serious impact on China’s economy as China uses India as a dumping ground most of the time, as their products are cheap they have they had they have easy access in India but if the trade is banned then it will have a bad impact on their economy.

  4. It will be a strong message

    and conflict situation it would be a strong message from the Indian side not only at the National level but at the international level because we cannot take encroachment and goods at the same time.

  5. It will be a boost to Indian industries

    As the demand of consumers will increase the industries will take it as a benefit and start producing Indian goods as per Indian demands and automatically it will boost the Indian economy as the demand side of the economy will increase. It will also boost the Aatmanirbhar campaign.

  6. To force them to negotiate on the border dispute

    China exports a huge amount of products to INDIA and at times uses India as a dumping ground as exports would be stooped we can force them to negotiate with us, it can be one of the factors to be the negotiable table.


India should NOT stop all trade with China until all border issues are resolved because/as:

  1. INDIAN economy will get hamper

    Not only the Chinese economy but the Indian economy will also get hamper as we heavily depend on Chinese products. Especially those industries which depend heavily on China like Pharma Industries toys industries and some of our manufacturing industries.

  2. It will create a hostile attitude

    As the situation will get tenser, we may see counteraction from China and overall it will create a hostile attitude towards each other which is not good for any country.

  3. All countries which are anti-India will be in one group and other countries can take advantage of the hostile environment between INDIA and CHINA for example Pakistan.

  4. FDI will decrease

    No company wants to invest in a hostile environment FDI will decrease as escalation increase India will see a decrease in foreign direct investment as the situation get tenser.

  5. It will lead to an escalation of the conflict as the Chinese will increase their soldier’s number and artillery in the disputed area and as a countermeasure, India will also increase their soldiers and artillery. Automatically it will create war-like situations.


A complete Ban of trade in one go will have serious complications and not a good solution as it will create more conflict and concern on the border. So ban a few items by calculating risk and other factors just to give a strong message which will also help in negotiation. Finally sitting together on a negotiable table is the best way to resolve conflicts instead of going full-fledged trade ban.

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  1. If it favours India mor than CHINA THEN indeed WE SHOULD …It’s all about being country first ……i.e. INDIA

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