The COVID-19, also known as coronavirus pandemic has hit the world very hard from sports to the economy, people having their hard times around the globe. Some are dying from the virus and some from hunger.

With the start of 2020, Google was thinking about Quantum Computers, Hitesh Choudhary was thinking to travel his 31st country around the globe this year, Cricket fans were waiting for the IPL and T20 Cricket World Cup, Football fans were enjoying UEFA champions league and athletes were waiting for Olympic but coronavirus ruined all these plans.

This novel coronavirus is the most dangerous health disaster world has ever faced and the greatest test for humankind.

Over 40 lac people have been affected by this virus and more than 2 lac has lost their life worldwide because of this virus. (As of Now)


Now here I want to give you some technical information- Remember When the Corona Outbreak happened, in the initial stages, it was known as “Novel Coronavirus ” or “Wuhan Virus”

Actually the current name of the disease ie “COVID-19” was announced by WHO on 11th February 2020, as per the guidelines of World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

As per WHO, Inaccurate and ill-conceived wordings have resulted in severe unintended consequences on the local culture, tourism, and rural economy. To avoid such situations in the Case of Coronavirus as well, the name “COVID-19” has been adopted.


It all started when the first corona positive case came in December 2019 in Wuhan, China and now the whole world is affected by this virus and there is no vaccine yet to cure this virus.

Although a big debate worldwide is about the origin of the Virus. The Vaccine and knowing Origin of Coronavirus are aspects which require time to come to the public domain.

And it came to India on 30 January when the first positive case reported in Kerala but now they have controlled it and will be corona-free soon, and as of now over 70000 people got affected and more than 2300 people lost their lives in India. And COVID-19 stats in India as of now are as below.


The Indian government has imposed a nationwide lockdown that is also going extending in various stages( Currently we are in Lockdown 3.0) which is for the betterment and safety of our country and citizens only, and if you want to imagine the situation what if lockdown wouldn’t have been there then see the stats of United States.

The lockdown is not reaching the end but is getting improvised as some relaxations coming in every cycle for people and also to open up the economy for sustaining the livelihood of the working class. The government has divided the nations into zonal categories.

Reddistrict with high cases or high doubling rate.
Orangedistricts with few cases.
Greendistricts with no case or no case in the last 21 days.

People owning businesses be it small or Large enterprise have faced great losses due to this lockdown and even giants like Flipkart, Amazon and OYO have also faced some loss of this lockdown.

People are losing their salary, jobs, hope and some losing their precious life. I don’t know about other fields but if you are in IT field and lost your job create an account on LinkedIn and make the most out of it you will get a good job and if getting any problem do message me I will help.

All people who visited some places or holy places are stuck there because of lockdown and are facing difficulties.

Youngsters who are in colleges, I would suggest you all do some online courses and enhance your skills to get a good job after passing your colleges, you might face some hurdle because of this global recession but not for long and don’t lose hope.

We all miss the days when we used to hang around together, eating at restaurants, working out at gymnasiums, travelling around the globe but all these have been stopped because of this virus.

All school colleges have been closed, exams are postponed for an indefinite time, we have not met our friends for a long time and don’t know how long it will go.

All the marriage parties, ceremonies have been either postponed or done in the presence of very few people don’t be sad because of this, it’s your major contribution in the fight towards coronavirus.

Many scientists and institutes are working very hard to make a vaccine for this novel coronavirus and until then we have no option rather than stay quarantine.

Though there is a number of things where this pandemic has affected people globally, It reminded us how polluted we made our environment and how clean it has become now, the water of our holy rivers are clean again. And people are posting pictures on social media that they are able to see things standing on their terrace which is far from their homes. So when this ends, please keep this in mind and play your part to keep our nature healthy.

Citizens are helping poor people and donating to PM Care Funds and playing their part in this fight. Many celebrities are coming to a step forward and requesting people to stay quarantine.

I request you all on behalf of our Team QuaRANT9, to maintain social distancing, wear masks, stay inside, use alcohol-based sanitizers, don’t roam outside unless it is very urgent, don’t spread or forward fake rumours and hate on WhatsApp and Don’t cross the line, Stay Quarantine.



कोविड-19 के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे।

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