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Battered But Strong

Conversations about mental health are increasing but we still seldom hear what it is like to suffer from mental illness. I feel mental health is discussed more and more these days and yet still no one really understands. This is mental illness – It is the journey not the time and we are not mere sufferers but there are also the moments where we rose! So read this poem to understand a bit more – BATTERED BUT STRONG!

Visual Art

Sketches by Sagar Bhatt

काल भी तुम महाकाल भी तुम, लोक भी तुम त्रिलोक भी तुम, शिव भी तुम और सत्य भी तुम। We at QuaRANT9, are immensely proud to be able to give an opportunity to the creative and talented artists to showcase their beautiful piece of art.

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