This time it was very hard to find an adjective for her, that’s why I mixed them uP

At that day,
So here it goes,

She was FLAWLESS in her walk & talk, So FOXY in her look that a GORGEOUS & SPLENDID Boy couldn’t resist describing her.

She was looking AESTHETIC & CHARMING from distance, तो पास जाना तो बनता था So from
near, Boy’s Jaw drops & Eyes couldn’t Blink
She was PAR EXCELLENCE then Boy said
क्या लग रही है, कातिल! She was OUT OF THE WORLD.

Her eyes were full of tears but
still, she was shining like a DIAMOND.
She was the most APPEALING person for him
even a HUG wouldn’t have been enough to digest.

She was trying to make the best of everything with WONDERFUL & DASHING smile having a deep pain Inside of Being separated, & she held herself for long enough.

Her hair was all over the place, placing चार चाँद on her DELIGHTFUL face.

Overall she is a BELLADONNA for A BOY & WILL BE.


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