Use Instagram DM/Post on your PC/Laptop browser without any extension or Bluestacks

Use Instagram DM/Post on your PC/Laptop browser without any extension or Bluestacks

There are users who don’t want to touch the phone when they are working on their PC/Laptop but also want to be active on social media at the same time and to avoid that they use Facebook, in their browser and do chat along with the work. But there is something by Facebook, Inc which they miss and for which they have to use their phone i.e. Instagram.

Instagram can be used in PC browser but there is no option to DM/Post photos/Add Story, it is only limited to see posts around by your followings.

I have seen people wandering around the internet searching for a way to use Instagram DM in the PC/Laptop browser but ends up installing Bluestacks to run the Instagram app in that or using chrome extension etc. but do you know you can use Instagram DM in your web browser without any extension. Yes, there is a way to Use Instagram Post/DM on your PC/Laptop browser without any extension or Bluestacks

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Have you ever wondered when we open Instagram in our phone’s browser we get the option to DM/Post/Add Story but when we go to the same link in the browser on our PC, we can only see posts there? No option to DM. No option to Post photos. No option to add a story.

If you are a web developer, you may have got the trick by now. If you didn’t don’t worry I am not ending article here I will surely tell you how to get all those things in your PC browser without installing anything unuseful stuff.

To run the same Instagram we get on our mobile Browser we will switch user-agent on our web browser, it sounds horrible but is very simple it means we will fool Instagram that we are not on PC but on the mobile browser just by switching to mobile view using developer’s tool (Inspect Element) available in almost all browser. In my case, I am using Google Chrome.

Now go to and see all those options are available that’s the magic of my article. Hahaha just kidding!

Follow given below steps and see magic.

Right-Click on the page and choose Inspect or Inspect Element from the drop-down options.

Right-click options in Google Chrome *Select Inspect*
Right-click options in Mozilla Firefox *Select Inspect Element*

After that, you will see something like this.

Google Chrome Developers Tool
Mozilla Firefox Developers Tool

The options are almost the same in all the browser instead of showing all browsers, I am showing only in Google Chrome but if you face any problem feel free to comment I’ll help you.

Now we’ll move the developers tool to the right side so that we can get some vertical space on the browser. To move it to right-click the three dots button near the cross sign at the right-top corner and choose the last option (Dock to right) in the dockside option.

Moving Developers Tool

Now we’ll switch to the mobile view by clicking Toggle Device Toolbar on the top-left side of developer’s tool.

Switch to mobile view

After clicking this option your screen will be like this, you have options to choose mobile devices, there are limited options you can select as per your choice and there is also option to change the view size you can zoom in-out using that. I prefer first change the view size to 100% and then change mobile device which fully fit in your screen without any cut so you can have a full view.

Mobile-view in Google Chrome

Still, we have not got the option to DM or post?

Just refresh the page now and boom It’s Magic!.

Instagram DM/ Post/ Story in PC without installing anything

I hope it worked well in your PC/Laptop also. If you faced any problem feel free to comment below I am here to help always.

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