QuaRANT9 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Screen

protect eyes quarant9

QuaRANT9 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Screen

COVID 19 has pushed all of us to stay at home and to kill the boredom most of us has shited to mobile or laptop screen.

Now everything is being shifted to online as a student started their studies online, IT sector people given work from home & rest shifted to screen for entertainment.

Overall the average screen time has increased drastically post COVID-19. Regularly sitting in front of a screen can cause us significant damage not only to our eyes but also on our daily day to day activity especially to the small ones.

protect eyes quarant9

It can cause the number of problems such as irritation, weakening of nervous system, frustration etc. This is known as Digital Eye Syndrome or Computer Vision Syndrome.

So, it becomes vital to protect your eyes from the screen. That’s why we are suggesting 9 ways to protect our eyes from the screen.

    If you are not comfortable with eyeglasses you can buy these blue light protection screen protection crafted by optometrists .it protect us from all the blue light emitting from the screen. it helps us to avoid headache, dry eyes and many more.

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  3. 20-20-20 Approach
    For every 20 min spent at a screen, we must take a break and look 20 feet in front of you obviously not at the screen for 20 sec.

  4. Don’t Forget Blink
    When our eyes expose to the brightness, we blink less it’s behavioural. So, we can ourselves to blink more & fully.

  5. Clean Your Gadget
    Don’t forget to clean your screen whatever you are using for that matter mobile, laptop, iPad etc and don’t clean it from your hands because it leaves imprints, so use a dry clean cloth.

  6. Drink Water
    We know it’s one of the basic but usually, we don’t strict to the basic that’s why it is vital to drink water regularly on a regular interval. Otherwise, dryness in the eyes will increase.

  7. Say No to Rubbing eyes
    When we spend excess time on screen, it starts irritating and at the very instant instead of scratching, we should wash them and close for a while until you feel relax otherwise scratching will lead infection in eyes. So be careful.

  8. 20 Inch Distance
    Make sure your screen is 20 m away from your eyes and bit below from your eye level.

  9. Use Gadgets
    Use gadgets function to reduce strain on your eyes like auto-brightness, night mode, reading mode, etc whichever is available in your gadget. Take the best out of your resources whatever you have. So, it helps to reduce strain on your eyes.

These are some ways to protect your eyes from the screen, we must never take this problem for granted because eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. Our health, mental peace, matters the most. so don’t play with your health, take precaution. In these tough times, it is very important that we stay healthy and stay positive frame of mind, avoid irritation, frustration and work without disruption.

Stay home, Stay Safe and Adhere all the SOPs.

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