God’s own country Kerala showing the whole world how to handle the pandemic

God’s own country Kerala showing the whole world how to handle the pandemic

For the second continuous day on Monday Kerala did not report a single coronavirus case while 61 people got cured the largest number in a single day that left only 34 patients in hospitals.

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Despite the Union home ministry allowing the opening of liquor shops, Kerala has refused to do so fearing that social distancing measures will be affected.

Where the world is facing a global pandemic(novel coronavirus) and has a tremendous amount of new cases every day there is our God’s own country Kerala in India the only one going the opposite way they are getting new cases but the number of recoveries is high as compared to the new cases.

Yes, Kerala was the first state in India that brought a case for COVID-19 and I think will be the first one to control and recover it from a high number of cases.

On January 30, the novel coronavirus knocked the door of India when India reported its first case of COVID-19 in Kerala and it kept rising.

Kerala is the first state in the list of states having more than 500 cases to not only flatten the COVID curve but also started taking it down.

The stats of Kerala dated 4 May 2020 is as below,

Confirmed Cases: 500
Active Cases: 34
Recovered Cases: 462
Deceased Cases: 4

3rd and 4th may are two continuous days without a single new case of corona in Kerala.

Kerala has set an example not only for India but also for the world in controlling and recovering COVID patients.

Will the first state of India to have corona case will be the first one in highly affected states to recover it?

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