Author: Sourabh Gupta

Developer and Author, QuaRANT9 Full-stack Developer | UX/UI | Turns tea into code. To read articles on JavaScript Follow me on Medium.

Getting Started with Modern Computer Programming

Beginners when starts programming faces a lot of confusion on what to do and what not as everyone doesn’t get a good alumnus who helps him/her start a career. So in this post, I have tried to sum up all the paths and technologies one can opt to start an IT Career.


Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote in Brief

Apple held a Special Keynote Event WWDC World Wide Developer Conference for 2020 where they typically tell about their new innovations on 22 June 2020. I have tried to sum up bits and pieces of the WWDC event includes the all-new features we can expect. In consists of all great new software designs and features Apple devices going to get.

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