About Us

We are a closely-knit bunch of friends, all filled with a plethora of ideas, enthusiasm and hard work to achieve our goals and help others in achieving their goals, but stuck during the Pandemic.
Hence, we are coming up with QuaRANT9 – a platform where passionate writers and artists can write and draw their hearts out about various aspects of life, society and Nation.
We firmly believe that while this journey has started during this quarantine time and hence the name of the blog, but we will continue the blog and share our experiences, learnings with you all as life and we progress further.

Sharing our Love to all the Readers, we hope you will have a great time.

Running a blog over the internet and maintaining requires some charges to buy a domain and hosting and a lot of other costs, if you like our content and want us to keep going you can donate using donate button below.

Keep Reading, Keep Sharing!

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